Why not a daycare center for dogs too?

doggy daycare near me

Thanks to the modern urban lifestyles and hopes, dreams and goals, both moms and dads now have to work nine to five. And there will be others who, by choice or by having no choice, will be working longer and awkward hours. And in all this busy time, who is going to take care of the kids? That question’s easy to answer, most professional moms and dads will drop their kids off at daycare in the morning and then pick them up much later when they’re ready.

The kids? Or the folks? Anyhow, there is one matter of concern that needs to be addressed pronto. Just who is going to take care of doggy while master and miss and the kids are away. You can hear the poor kid whining already. Well, if you had half a heart, you would. And thanks glory be, that serious question is now easy to answer as well. Because look at me. I have no kids. And there’s no partner living with me.

Well, doggy is my partner, but still, someone’s got to look after the poor feller while I’m clacking away here. So, I looked and looked. I hunted just like he would do in the backyard for that large bone he buried out there some time ago. And then I found it. A doggy daycare near me. You see, with a heart as big as this, the little one’s master really had no choice. He had to work, see. And the thing is, the poor feller was not even a year old.

Still a pup, full of beans, never mind the meat and bones. So, 24 / 7, this young dog needs its TLC, otherwise known as tender love and care.