Why Natural Food Might Be Better For Dogs And Cats

It is a dog’s life alright. Just bark at any dog and he will bark right back at you. He will sense you and he will be wondering why you have never bothered to ask the question before. It can be a cat’s life too sometimes, but leastways, the cat still has nine lives to get through. But even so, it can be quite tough sometimes having to hack out fur balls that make you quite sick sometimes. You, if you were the cat. You can still take a cool shower. The cat has no choice but to lick its own paws.

natural pet supplements

It is legendary how obsessed the feline species are over their toilet habits. You sometimes wonder why their nemesis; the canine species have not followed their lead. Anyhow, natural food is still better than dog’s biscuits. It is better than tinned sardines. And have you seen how the cats walk away from their bowls when you put down that kind of chowder. Have you even bothered to read the product labels?

The cat did not, could not, but it could taste it. And it was quite yucky, let me just meow you. Anyway, I know how hard and awkward it can be for you sometimes to prepare natural, wholesome and healthy food for me. Still, that’s no excuse. Anyhow, on my last trip to the vet, it was said that natural pet supplements would be quite alright for me in the meantime. I won’t mind because they are quite chewy and tasty.

Squish one into the cat’s dinner bowl and you can almost see the protein oozing out of it. Both cats and dogs are natural carnivores. Their diets need to be rich in natural protein.