The Root Cause Of The Tick Problem

organic tick control

Fortunately for most readers here, the tick problem is not too common. But they are being bothered by other insect-like pestilences. Perhaps the termite problem is a lot more common for many North Americans who still choose to enjoy the aesthetic and esthetic, as well as environmentally-friendly purpose behind having a large portion of their residential properties made up of wood. And then there are those readers who may be bothered by mosquitoes.

These folks, however, would usually be living close to water-lying areas, and under warm and humid conditions too. Much colder climates do not see such a prevalence. But hot or cold, cockroaches enjoy and thrive under populous inner-city conditions. For people having to endure this urban pestilence, organic cockroach control is being recommended. Those who have serious problems with termites have organic termite control to look forward to.

And those poor folks and animals having to cope with an abundance of ticks in their yards and rooms now have the help of organic tick control. The thing about using organic poison to eradicate ticks is that it is pretty much harmless to humans and animals. Many people seem to believe that the problem of ticks arises from the presence of animals. Indeed, like mosquitoes, ticks enjoy feasting on the animals’ blood.

But like the mercurial cockroach, ticks tend to thrive where there is an abundance of dirt. So, while organic pest control measures are being implemented, it remains a good idea to keep the premises and surrounding environments as clean and pollution free as possible. The less dirt there is around to pick on, the less chance there is of cockroach and tick infestations. But no such luck with mosquitoes and termites, no matter how clean your domestic environment is.