Common Myths & Misconceptions About Termites

Termites are a dangerous pest to homeowners. They don’t carry diseases and their bite is not deadly, but when the mosquito chooses your home as its source of cellulose, considerable damage can occur very quickly. This image can leave your home in shambles, with thousands of dollars in repairs needed. However there are many myths about termites out there that might cause the problem with termites to worsen. It is important to separate fact from fiction to stay safe. Read some of the common misconceptions and the truth behind the matter below.

·    Myth: Termites are not Beneficial

Termites are a nuisance to any homeowner. While it might not seem like the tiny winged pests are beneficial, they play an important role in the ecological system and are actually quite beneficial. Though, ask any homeowner who’s ever had a problem with the pest and they’ll likely tell you differently.

·    Myth: Only Certain Homes are at Risk for a Termites Infestation

Don’t think that your home is not at risk. If there is decaying wood anywhere near the structure, your home is at risk. This includes brick homes and structures, too!

·    Myth: DIY Termites Treatment Works Well

It might seem logical to attempt DIY termite solutions before you fork over the cash to call in a professional but this is a mistake that you should not make. You only waste time and money with most of these DIY treatments. Nothing works better than professional service.

·    Myth: Termite Treatment is Expensive

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Costs to treat termites varies but what is most expensive is when you fail to protect your home with the top-notch termite control florida keys that you want and deserve. You’ll spend considerably less to keep termites away from your property than you will to treat the damage they cause.