Everybody grooms themselves, every single day, at least once a day. Well, most normal people do anyhow. Most people do it because they know that this is what is going to make them look good for the rest of the day. And they also know that it will make them feel quite good about themselves too. The feline species is legendary for its grooming activities. If you observe your cat closely enough, you could be forgiven for thinking that it may have some kind of obsessive compulsive disorder.

But no, it does not. From a young age, the cat is taught how to groom itself properly in all the right areas. It is also taught to address other matters of hygiene. And that’s just the thing about grooming. It is more than just looking good for the day. It is more than just keeping up appearances. It is a matter of hygiene, and does the cat know this well. It has to be wondered, however, why its poor nemesis, the dog, has ever come this far in its short domestic life.

Why can’t or will dogs groom themselves in the way cats do? Well, you try grooming a dog. Maybe you have. Not so easy after all, is it. And who is going to clip the dog’s toenails to the correct length? That’s where the pet grooming newfoundland parlor comes into play. The long, course manes of the shaggy dog are best left to the pet groomer. And there is something else about grooming that many folks seem to forget.

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Mutual grooming is very good for your mental health. You may have noticed how your poor dog attempts to console you through its licking. And all you can say is; enough already.