Researching things before you buy them is a great decision to make, and why would getting a pet be any different? In order to be the best owner that you can be, it’s important to truly know the dog that you are bringing into your home.

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First, they are sturdy, trustworthy, and reliable sidekicks, and their looks and appearance stem from their origins as bull baiting. Unlike an akc french bulldog breeder, who breeds them for cuteness, they would be bred to fight bulls.  They would be used to bite a bull and slow it down, with their stout bodies providing a low center of gravity, and their strong jaws to help them keep a grip on a bull that really didn’t want to be bitten! That tenacity is why you see so many bulldog related sports teams, hoping that the long history of the bulldog will give them an edge in competitions and playoff games.

Even their trademark wrinkles had a purpose because they could keep blood and dust away from the dog’s eyes. The more wrinkles a dog had, the longer it could last vs a bull. Their shorter snouts also cause them to be gassy and snorty, as well as drool a lot, so keep that in mind if you are living in a small space.

A small space also works for their energy, as they don’t have too much to spare. So, they’re a lot like most humans! Get that mid-morning walk or game of fetch in, and they’ll be happy to lounge around on the couch for the rest of the day. Plus, they love kids and families and will be extra protective when it comes to keeping them safe.

So if you have the kind of lifestyle that supports raising a bulldog, you’ll find yourself a tough and loyal companion in any one of the bulldog breeds.